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Scribble My Heart

I Write To Let Out Frustration

Darshia | Asahina
3 November 1988
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Because Yoosu is true

Hello! Just call me Dari. This journal is just for me to write fanfiction for DB5k, and mostly Yoosu. They are my OTP but it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate other pairings. I am not a professional writer I don't even claim to be a good writer, I just want to write to tell stories and let out my frustrations. I love DB5k, after the break up it took me four years to come to terms and now I am full blown JYJ fan but I still love homin in my heart, I just don't like their style of music anymore. Please respect my decision and I will respect yours.

I believe Yoosu | Yunjae | Jaemin should stay together forever!


Fandoms: DBSK, Larc en ciel|Hyde, Shinee, 2ne1, SNSD, Utada Hikaru, TM Revolution,
Asian Kung Fu Generation, Alice Nine, Boa, KAT TUN, Arashi, Epik High, An Cafe, The Gazette, Dir en Grey,
SuG, SID, Rain|Bi, UverWorld, Younha, TSZX, various others

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